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צימר זוגי פסיפלורה

A double B&B includes a separate entrance, a private courtyard with a BBQ area.
Each B&B has its own entrance, a barbecue area, and a lawn.

The zimmer offers:

There is a full kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, cooking utensils, plates, cups and cutlery and  a bathroom.

A free wireless internet network is available throughout the complex.


During your stay, you will have free access to the pools and saunas of Kibbutz HaGoshrim, which you can enjoy in both the winter and summer months. (About 3 km from the Fruit and Nuriel B&B complex).

There are enchanting corners to wade along the Banias River, which is 300 meters from the B&B.
You may also have a family picnic.

Our complex is conveniently located in the middle of the Upper Galilee and is an ideal base for visiting the entire region.​

Have a lovely Vacation...

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