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How it all started...


once upon a time, long long time ago Yom Kippur War, we came to Kibbutz Dafna, a pair of young, idealistic with a new 9-year-old baby. Zvika was enlisted to the army and I was a teacher. I stayed in a shelter with a group of 8 years old children. 

After living two years at the kibbutz we decided to set our house in moshav sha'ar Yashuv. Zvika dreamed of being a farmer, and the dream came true.

About a decade after we chose the north for our house, we opened our house and became a guest house, we became an entrepreneur and the first Zimmerists in Israel.

In contrast to the rental rooms available to local vacationers, hotels and vacation homes, the concept of bed and breakfasts supported the vacation itself, along with the family, the families of the village and the moshav.

"Rural tourism owes much to Miriam, who encountered bureaucracy that supported organized tourism in hotels and rest homes only. Miriam gave no rest to the tourism ministers until year 1992, the rural tourism received the seal from the Ministry of Tourism with the opening of the Ministry of Rural Tourism"

On the holiday of Shavuot in 1984, the first guests has arrived at "Nuriel fruit and Guesthouse"

Today the knowledge that you are going to a vacation in Zimmer and in particular Zimmer in the north, is as basic as the idea of freedom itself.

Nuriel Fruit and guesthouse is a combination two people's dream. On one hand, Zvika's a man f soil, a farmer who grows his fruit in the orchards surrounding the Zimmer and the Moshav.  On the other hand, Miriam's love to host, and to sweeten the experience of the vacationers as if they were her private guests in her home. All this led to the establishment of Zimmer Nuriel fruit and Guesthouse - the first zimmer in Israel.


 Since the sprouting of the idea of the Zimmer in 1984 and until today, Nuriel Fruit and Guesthouse is in constantly improving the hospitality experience. The rooms are undergoing renovation and renewal and added treats and surprises to hospitality. 
All this and more turned the idea of rural hospitality into a reality that once a person experiences our vacation, he is kip coming back again and again with friends, family, children and the generation of grandparents. 

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The first zimmer in Israel 1984

the first artical in ma'ariv newspaper.
Nili Friedlander discovered us. Five years later comes back to us with the article.

Here it's all started...

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