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Zimmer Nuriel Fruit and Guesthouse

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Nuriel Fruit and Guesthouse compound is suitable for couple vacations, family holidays, and the formation of family and group social gatherings (up to 30 individuals)

In our premises you will find everything needed to organize independently, to formulate resort experience. Our Guest House has complete equipment for preparing meals, Lavacha coffee machine,  barbecue facilities and poy'ke casserole, and Comfortable isolated seating area.

All this is immersed in greenery and fruit orchards and crowned with the landscape of Naftali Mountains Hermon and the Golan Heights.

Within A few minute's walks from Nuriel fruits and guesthouse, you will find beautiful spots alongside the Banias and comfortable hiking trails along the river. On the hot summertime, there is nothing like dipping and refreshment in the stream. And on cold winter days, this is a perfect spot to watch the rising river waters.


BBQ lovers can fish or buy fresh fish straight from the at Kibbutz Dafna or buy the meat from the superb and famous restaurant the Focaccia.

Disabled Access: Passion fruit Zimmer is ground level allowing entrance with a wheelchair.  Zimmer Pear Custom Unit No. 10 is adapted and accessible for the disabled.

Passionfruit zimmer

Pear family Zimmer

Passionflower bed
Privacy in Passionflower Zimmer
Entrance to the passionflower zimmer
seasonal fruit
Kitchenette and seating area
Shower and toilet

Our Fruitpassion Zimmer for couples have a separate entrance, with privat lawn include   barbecue and seating area.  The guest house includes shower, cable TV, stereo, WiFi, fully equipped kitchen, microwave, fridge, coffee and cooking hob and utensils, plates, cups and catlery.

Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer
seasonal fruit
Pear Zimmer
Pear Zimmer

Our pear rooms are Spacious, designed and delight Zimmer's Suitable for a family up to 6 persons, built as two-level units: Entry level includes a spacious living room that allows comfortable accommodation for up to 4 people, bathroom, Jacuzzi and toilet. Fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

The bedroom level includes a double bed, TV, shower and toilet.

The complex is wired over a free wireless internet.

The accommodation includes an entrance to the Hagoshrim Pools and sauna.

In a different  accommodation complex: Tzori House

Nectarine zimmer: out side Nuriel complex

parents' bedroom
Living room
Kitchen Dining area living room
Living room
Seating Area
toilet and shower

Pulm zimmer - out side Nuriel complex

Parents' bedroom
Living room
Kitchen and a seating area

A separate house outside Nuriel main complex, next to Palm Zimmer.

The house includes two bedrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, shower and two bathrooms. Nice yard and stunning views with seeting aria, mangl, and a swing.
Accommodation in Nectarine is including entrance to the swimming pool at Hagoshrim.

A apartment in a separate accommodation complex, next to Naktarine Zimmer.  Two room's apartment: a master bedroom with a double bed, and an additional room with two sofas that open into two double beds that are also used as a living room. In the apartment you will find a kitchenette, bathroom with toilet, and dining area.
The hospitality in Palm Zimmer  includes entrance to the pool at Hagoshrim.

 Sometimes Zimmer is just an excuse

Families and children of all detectors feel that that they arrived to a place that spent a lot of thought for that  they will enjoy every moment and moment at Nuriel fruit and guesthouse .

When it comes to vacationing in Nuriel fruits and guesthouse, the Zimmer is just an excuse! Avery apartment opened to its private space in the yard with comfortable seating areas. Each and every one can find its own corner and true peace to read a book in a hammock under the avocado tree, the guys can play soccer, tiny toddlers and children can slide and swings under the fig tree. For dessert, you can also get "lost" among the trees of the orchards around.

 There are many vacation rentals in the country, but there aren’t such as Nuriel  fruit and guesthouse site.

Around Nuriel  fruit and guesthouse site

Beyond the perfect location at moshav shaar Yashuv in central of all the attractions and activities of Galilee, Nuriel fruit and guesthouse is close to everywhere and within walking distance from:

  • Grocery: allowing the purchase of food products at reasonable prices.

  • Playground - children's entertainment.

  • Synagogue: for tradition keepers and religious (at the room you will find shabat Plata and urn. Nearby there is kosher catering for meals to be purchased).

  • Winery: for wine lovers, wine cellar Hermon at Michelle's boutique winery.

  • ATV - extreme sports lovers – well known Masa be'easy terrain vehicles.

  • Horse Farm: horse riding for cuple at the Banias Valley.

  • Jeep: For lovers of field trips.

  • Bicycle rides: possibilie of renting bicycles.

  • Mosaic – for art lovers, it's possible to visit, and workshop.

  • Hiking Trail - Jogging lovers - lighted Sidewalks  path that surrounds the moshav.

When everything is so convenient, accessible and available the vacation is just perfect.