Welcome to Nuriel Fruit and Guesthouse

When guests come to us, it feels like they are our private family guest. The guest aria, The beautiful courtyard full of facilities for children and adults, the designed and cozy rooms are set and waiting just for you.

Nuriel Fruit and Guesthouse Guests meet me at their arrival.

together we will return to history with stories and legends about places and agriculture, wars and love and more.
 We will Experience  the present with  traveling  through all five senses: sight and feeling of stunning  landscapes from the Galilee valley and the Hermo the Golan Heights, we will tastes and smells from mother earth fruit.  And we will also try to predict a little from what the future hold in Geographic, agricultural and economic terms.

 Zvika my husband, Is a farmer and he will happily take us to some fun seasonal harvest plantations accompanied by explanations. Every Friday I accompanied my guest for a trip to the region that matches the season and our families that hosted in Zimmer Nuriel Fruit and Guesthouse

We invite you to experience rural agricultural, multi-sensory experience enriching and unforgettable experience.

Pear Zimmer
Five family rooms / double
Equipped and pleasant

Our rooms

Passion fruit Zimmer
Passion fruit Zimmer
 Two aesthetic comfortable, pleasant and well-equipped units
Our Yard
Our Yard
Pear Zimmer
Sometimes the Zimmer is just an excuse
In a different  accommodation complex: Tzori House
Pulm zimmer
Pulm zimmer - out side Nuriel complex
Nectarine zimmer
Nectarine zimmer: out side Nuriel complex
Two room's apartment, next to Naktarine Zimmer
The house includes two bedrooms, living room, next to Palm Zimmer

How its all started

Yom Kippur War, we came to Kibbutz Dafna, a pair of young, idealistic with a new 9-year-old baby. Zvika was enlisted to the army and I was a teacher. I stayed in a shelter with a group of 8 years old children.
After living two years at the kibbutz we decided to set our house in moshav sha'ar Yashuv. Zvika dreamed of being a farmer, and the dream came true.


About a decade after we chose the north for our house, we opened our house and became a guest house, we became an entrepreneur and the first Zimmerists in Israel.

Miriyam and Tzvika Nuriel